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There is a lot of furniture available on the market in a similar form and color. For people looking for extraordinary antiqued furniture, we have prepared the Loano collection. The seemingly mismatched elements have been intricately matched to each other, and contrasting details in the form of fronts and fittings attract the eye to vintage-style lumps and natural materials.

Elements of the Loano series are an offer for people aware of their space, familiar with trends and willing to introduce a little controlled chaos into everyday life. Antiqued Loano furniture will be very fond of eclectic interiors and will repay you with durability as well as great functionality.

Metal fittings, black cone-shaped legs and raw, light wood may seem like a classic proposition. However, the manufacturer focused on surprising breakthroughs - fronts with different surfaces, structures, colors, as well as geometric, irregular shapes. You need to get to know this collection if your interior still lacks character and stylish accents.